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Preferred Behavioral Health of New Jersey

Residential Services

Residential Services

Preferred Behavioral Health offers a range of residential services tailored to meet individual needs and to motivate and assist residents in increasing wellness and community living skills.

PBHNJ Group Homes offer Level A+ and A services, providing 12 to 24 hour supervision in a home like, family setting.  This program assists consumers in making the transition into the community from State Psychiatric Hospitals and teaches the skills necessary for eventually making the transition to a more independent setting. The overall goal is to assist consumers in meeting their individual wellness goals while building a sense of safety, acceptance and community.

PBHNJ’s 24 hour-supervised residences include the following:

  • 450 Residential Program- Providing services to severely and persistently mentally ill (SPMI) consumers who are capable of residing in the community with appropriate support.
  • MICA Residence- Providing treatment services to individuals with co occurring mental health and substance dependence needs.
  • Madison Residence-  Providing treatment to mental health consumers with co-occurring chronic medical conditions. 
  • Level A- PBHNJ offers two Level A houses providing 12 to 24 hour staff supervision to mental health consumers.  This level of service provides the opportunity to learn, practice and transfer a wide variety of community living skills. 

Consumers may have the opportunity to move within our residential continuum to a more independent setting including the Level C and Supportive Housing Programs.

PBHNJ’s  Level C Apartments are our Semi-Supervised Apartment Program.  This level of housing assists consumers in developing community living skills required for independent living.  Consumers meet with case managers for supportive counseling, increasing social skills and to develop basic skills such as: food shopping; laundry and household maintenance.  Participation in a weekly apartment group enhances consumers’ abilities to reside independently by discussing topics such as ADL issues, working with landlords and utility companies, medication education, symptom identification, wellness and community living skills.

The Supportive Housing Program is designed to help consumers locate, furnish and maintain safe and affordable independent housing in the community. The goal of this program is to provide community linkages and supportive counseling emphasizing the development and strengthening of consumer’s natural supports and access to community services and programs.  Our case management staff assist consumers in identifying wellness and community living goals and may provide ongoing support throughout a lifetime. 

Both Level C and Supportive Housing consumers receive support through a 24 hour emergency on call system.

PATH (Projects for Assistance in Transition from Homelessness) This program provides aggressive outreach services to link consumers who are either currently homeless or are facing possible homelessness and are in need of services- mental health of non-mental health related.

Services provided include:

  • Intake assessment 
  • Service planning
  • Service coordination
  • Consultation and education
  • Service linkage
  • Consumer advocacy