Art…Healing and Wellness

July, 2019 —

Last year, we began an extensive renovation of our mental health outpatient center in Lakewood. Titled, “Be The Change,” the goal of the renovation is to strengthen healing and comfort through interior updates and enhancements using evidenced-based design. Here in our news blog, we will begin featuring different aspects of this renovation, beginning with our chosen wall art.

For more information on our campaign to fund this renovation, please contact Linda Keenan at

At Preferred Behavioral Health Group, we recognize that all environmental factors impact healing and wellness.  For this renovation, every interior design element, including the artwork, was selected for the positive impact it would generate. Research has indicated that patients exposed to nature or images of nature, were likely to heal more quickly.  In addition, they exhibited less stress and required less pain medication.  Therefore, we curated our artwork from 2 photographers whose work focused on nature and resonated with our wellness initiative –Dr. Henry Domke and Parker Hilton. 

Dr. Henry Domke was a Family Practice Physician for over 20 years, but he always had in interest in photography.  He completed a graduate program in Fine Arts and combined his passions to launch an art collection of photographs of native plants and animals.  He works closely with interior healthcare designers to provide the artistic pieces that will enhance and promote wellness.  After his career as a physician, he continues to heal through his photographic art. 

Parker Hilton is a native of the New Jersey shore.  Starting his career as a professional travel and fashion photographer, Parker later completed a graduate program in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.  He has now found innovative ways to combine his passion for photography with his understanding of the clinical benefits that art can have as part of overall wellness and healing. 

Here at our Lakewood location, the art and artists have compelling stories.  But more importantly, the stories of how the art has moved individuals a positive way while visiting our site are the stories of which we are the proudest.