Clinical Case Manager-Part-time

Our PATH ( Projects for Assistance in Transitioning from Homelessness) program is seeking a part time Clinical Case Manager

This position requires a Bachelor Degree.

Job Responsibilities

  • individual needs of persons served are addressed including assessment and evaluation, referral, follow up services, individual, group, and family therapy
  • work effectively with the full spectrum of diagnosis disorders.
  • demonstrate familiarity about psychotropic medication use side effects and indications for psychiatric intervention
  • demonstrate ability to assess risk category, mental status, level of compliance and motivation
  • demonstrate ability to assess consumer’s needs, establish group cohesiveness and provide interventions that are timely and appropriate
  • Clinicians shall provide psycho-education that may include relevant education about the person’s disability or disorder, family interactions, community integration, relationships, or importance of living skills
  • completion of a service plan and other documentation is to be submitted as required
  • when appropriate, coordination of, or assistance with, crisis intervention and stabilization services shall be carried out
  • linkage of persons served to community-based services to maximize access to services while considering resource gaps and problems of service delivery.

To apply, send resume to