We’ve Been Here For Over 40 Years and We Are Here Now!

March 25, 2020.

Greetings from Preferred Behavioral Health Group.

It’s a challenging time for all of us. And for people struggling with mental illness and substance use issues, the challenge is even greater.
While we have had to change the “how” in our approach, what we have not changed is the passion and compassion we bring to those we serve. We are still connected.

With over 70 different programs, our approaches vary. Our group homes remain open and our emergency mobile response team will make crisis intervention home visits if necessary. Our casemanagers, school-based staff, drug and alcohol counselors, social workers, peer specialists and therapists are all in regular consistent phone or video contact with our clients. Those with medication needs are being monitored and getting the prescriptions they need.

We continue to partner with local law enforcement, state government, mental health and substance use providers, and others to ensure that those that are vulnerable are getting the help and care they need.

Stay connected with us through our social media outlets and our website.

We thank you for your ongoing support.

Together, we will get through this!

Mary Pat Angelini and the PBHG Family