Client Support Specialist

Summary of Position:  The Client Support Specialist in the Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic (CCBHC) ensures that Preferred Behavioral Health’s applicable resources are mobilized to welcome and serve new consumers and makes certain that any barriers preventing or hindering their treatment and engagement are addressed.

Specific Responsibilities/Functions/Competencies:

  • Provide comprehensive case management assessment that addresses life domains such as housing, finances, transportation, legal services, vocational, employment, health care, and family strengths/needs;
  • Developing a person-centered plan that identifies priorities, desired outcomes and the strategies and resources to be used in obtaining outcomes based on the case management assessment;
  • When necessary, assist with data collection for assessments and information as required by the federal government;
  • Works with internal departments to gather information relevant to ensure seamless consumer care and support CCBHC outcome measures;
  • Assist and engage the individual with transitioning to other levels of care and services to ensure continuity of care;
  • Provide case management services to ensure that individuals are both informed about and able to access the full range of medical and treatment opportunities or other support services, such as legal, financial, educational, vocational, or employment counseling, that may be available to them at the time the individual chooses to use them;
  • Use engagement skills to motivate and encourage individuals to voluntarily access services that would assist them in maintaining a healthy lifestyle;
  • Support in the process of linking consumers to primary care; document client’s navigation through services (both within PBHG and externally) in client’s health record;
  • Advocate on behalf of all clients within and outside of PBHG organization;
  • Has working knowledge of  the full spectrum of diagnosed disorders
  • Has working knowledge of electronic health records (preferably Carelogic Enterprises; Qualifacts) 
  • Working knowledge of motivational enhancement strategies;
  • Demonstrates Trauma Informed approach to all consumer interactions;
  • Contributes to the sustainability of the CCBHC by consistently evaluating systems in and out of PBHG, reporting any need or development opportunities to CCBHC Leadership;
  •   Provides or schedules transportation for consumers as needed;
  • Excellent written and verbal communication, as well as interpersonal skills.
  • Works well with Microsoft platforms including Excel, Word and Adobe PDF etc.


Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, social services, or counseling or other related discipline. Experience (1) year providing behavioral health services in a community setting.

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