Peer Recovery Support Specialist – CCBHC

Summary of Position: The Peer Support Specialist provides recovery support and peer coaching for clients within the CCBHC.  Through their own lived experience, the Peer Support Specialist functions as a positive role model by sharing their knowledge, hope, and expertise in long term recovery skills.  The Peer Support Specialist teaches clients how to navigate treatment and community supports to improve their overall health and wellness. 


  • Educate clients regarding how to effectively navigate treatment, social services and recovery support systems.
  • Act as a positive role model for clients and their families by sharing knowledge, hope and recovery skills.
  • Maintain relationships with clients, and their families, utilizing motivation enhancement strategies in order to assist individuals in the treatment engagement and retention process.
  • Accurately obtain and input NOMS data from CCBHC identified clients in accordance with SAMHSA timelines.
  • Provide supportive outreach and engagement, in-office and in the community, for the purpose of furthering recovery in coordination with the CCBHC Team.
  • Assist clients and families to gain skills and resources needed to initiate and maintain recovery.
  • Assist in establishing and sustaining a social and physical environment supportive of recovery and healthy life decisions.
  • Enhance identification of and participation in the recovery community.
  • Support in the process of linking clients to primary care; document client’s navigation through services (both within PBHG and externally) in client’s health record
  • Empower clients to make self-determined and self-directed choices about their recovery pathway.
  • Advocate on behalf of all clients within and outside of PBHG organization.
  • Participate in case consultation with providers and/or families whenever appropriate.
  • Provide a safe environment for clients through encouragement and the modeling of recovery principles, including self-determination, empowerment and personal responsibility.
  • Provides direct client services not less than 75% of work time.
  • Provide documentation within 24 hours of client contact that is legible, concise and adequate.
  • Participate in internal and external training as relevant to improving job skills, as well as enhancing and expanding integrating care at PBHG.
  • Practice punctuality in all job functions including but not limited to appointments, group, and daily tasks.  
  • Demonstrate collegial attitude and cooperative behavior with co-workers within all departments and programs.
  • Participate in case reviews by sharing information, proposing ideas, and providing feedback to enhance service delivery.


  • High school diploma or equivalency, Bachelor’s Degree is preferred
  • Excellent Communication Skills: written and verbal
  • Basic Computer skills
  • Valid Driver’s License
  • Must be 21 years of age
  • Knowledge of addictions preferred
  • At least 2 continuous years of sustained recovery
  • Able to provide pre-employment drug test and background check

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