Psychiatric Advanced Practice Nurse

Summary of Position: Provide Psychiatry evaluation and diagnostic testing under supervision of collaborative physician. Full Time. Lakewood, NJ

Specific Responsibilities:
• Performs Psychiatry Evaluation under supervision of collaborative physician.
• Works effectively with the full spectrum of diagnosis disorders.
• Demonstrates clinical facility in psychotropic medication use, side effects and indications for psychiatric intervention, in children, adolescents (if a child prescriber) and adults.
• Demonstrates ability to identify changes and precipitants in the status of maladaptive symptoms and level of functioning.
• Drug utilization evaluation and monitoring shall be conducted by a qualified physician, pharmacist, or other professional with legal prescribing authority who is not immediately responsible for the prescribing process but able to provide feedback to the prescribing practitioner.
• Ongoing training and education shall be a priority of pharmacotherapy professionals.
• An initial review shall be taken as soon as the person enters services of all medications currently being taken and their efficacy, potential side effects, contraindications, and identification of alcohol and/or drug use by persons served.
• An up-to-date individual record of all medications, including nonprescription and non-psychoactive medications, prescribed for and used by the person served including name of medication, dosage, frequency, instructions for use, and the prescribing professional shall be documented..
• As appropriate, ongoing training and education regarding medication shall be provided to persons served, individuals and family members with legal right or identified by the persons served including dosage, administration, and potential adverse reactions.
• The persons served, or their parents or guardians, when appropriate, shall be actively involved in making decisions related to the use of medications
• Organizational policies and procedures shall be followed regarding continuity of pharmacotherapy, integration of medications into a person’s overall plan, and actions to follow in case of emergencies related to the use of medications
• All policies and procedures related to pharmacotherapy and medication monitoring shall be implemented consistent with federal, state, or provincial laws and licensure requirements.


  • Master’s Degree inPsychiatric Nursing or a related mental health field
  • APN License
  • Bilingual a Plus

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