Clinician, Adult Outpatient

Provide effective and appropriate clinical intervention across all modalities of treatment.

Qualifications: Master’s Degree in Social Work, Clinical Licensure as an LCSW, 2 years minimum experience.


  • Conduct clinical assessments, formulate diagnosis and preliminary treatment plan:
  • Diagnosis is congruent with assessment content, and assessments completed in compliance with organization policy.
  • Written assessments include MSE, provisional diagnosis, and preliminary treatment plan with recommendations for ongoing treatment.
  • The preliminary treatment plan addresses immediate, emergent needs of the client. Recommendations include identification of special treatment needs or referral of high-risk clients.
  • Provide individual, family and group therapy to assigned caseload.
  • Progress notes address treatment goals/objectives and changes in MSE.
  • ECR contains progress notes within 24 hours for each face to face contact, telephone calls, and collateral contacts.
  • Provide case management:
  • Progress notes reflect timely and effective advocacy, consultation, services coordination, and phone contact to community resources and related professionals as required by PBHG standards and client needs.
  • Written reports and or evaluations are completed upon request and updated client consent
  • Record reflects internal communication between PBHG staff as required
  • Open cases do not exceed 90 days without contact unless rationale is specified.
  • Complete Individual Recovery Plans (IRPs) and review of client progress:
  • Clinician will complete IRP within first five (5) sessions OR 60 days of first face-to-face visit, whichever comes first.
  • Clinician will review IRP every three (3) months for first year and every six (6) months thereafter.
  • IRPs reflect client participation and are individualized reflecting needs of the client.
  • Discharge planning and termination:
  • Establishes discharge criteria at time of treatment planning, completes termination summary within required timeframe, and ensures aftercare instructions are provided to client.
  • Documents at least two outreach efforts for clients lost to contact.
  • Provide psycho-education:
  • Records will describe psycho-education needs in the assessment, proposed delivery of education in the treatment plan and provision of education in progress notes.
  • Complete medical record documentation to comply with organization policy.
  • Records will reflect client contact within required time frames
  • Adheres to appointment and office assignment schedule;
  • Submits vouchers to Program Director for services provided/documented according to payment schedule.
  • Completes all necessary third-party billing documentation;
  • Ensures accuracy of caseload reports;
  • Participates in supervision and attends staff teams meetings as directed;
  • Is available for evaluations, examinations and court appearances as necessary to protect the interest of the client and of PBH, for a negotiated fee;
  • Completes all essential learnings within allotted timeframe
  • Additional duties as assigned.


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