Education Specialist

Preferred Behavioral Health Group requires all qualified candidates to be fully vaccinated upon their first day of employment. Requests for reasonable accommodation due to disability or religious belief will be considered.

Summary of Position: Assists consumers in choosing, getting and keeping a desired education plan.

Requirements: Bachelors Degree in Human Services field OR Associate’s Degree plus 2 years of relevant experience AND Valid driver’s license with good driving record.


  • Work with Team to determine education plan for SEd consumers.
  • Assist the consumer with academic skills, communication skills, interpersonal skills, ethics, including conflict resolution and anger management.
  • Will seek out self help centers to help engage consumer for support if needed.
  • Help consumer maintain active enrollment in school.
  • Facilitate leave of absence in school (if needed).
  • Maintain low visibility in school so as not to draw undue attention to consumer; will dress appropriate to environment.
  • Provide on and off-site support to consumers i.e. phone calls, meeting at lunch, individual meetings and any other support that is needed.
  • Completes monthly and quarterly client contact monitoring reports.
  • Ensures that billing, progress notes and service plans are completed 
  • Will put all weekly progress notes into the NJMHAPP program.
  • Brings issues and problems to Program Specialist on a regular basis.
  • Uses Program Specialist, team, and other staff in agency or outside trainings to improve skills.
  • Provides positive role modeling and reflects enthusiastic and positive attitude.
  • Effectively uses outreach to engage consumers into program.
  • May provide brief consultation to families, school, mental health agencies and others as needed to assist consumer.
  • Provides timely and effective advocacy, consultation, services coordination, evaluation, written reports, and phone contact to community resources and related professionals as required by PBH standards and consumer needs.  Arranges services as needed.
  • Attends outside trainings offered.
  • Begins/ends groups on time and insures that all consumers present are punctual and participating in program activities
  • Educates consumers on grooming skills, hygiene, and appropriate school attire.
  • Arranges coverage, provides documentation of coverage, and advises consumers in advance when scheduling time off.
  • Takes initiative in keeping program area clean and orderly.
  • Participates with the team to improve methods; procedures, etc. to achieve common goals.
  • Creativity/problem solving.  Have good ideas and solutions and will seek out Team for assistance when needed.
  • Covers program activities when needed.
  • Ensures regulatory standards for training and required credentials.

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