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Medication Distribution, Monitoring and Treatment

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Because medications can be so confusing and sometimes challenging to follow-up with, we offer services to support seniors, adults, and others handle the challenge. Medication support also lets us coordinate and cooperate with community partners, who allow us to serve the wider community of their …

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Individual & Family Counseling and Therapy

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Counseling is something that many, if not nearly all, people tend to need at some point in their life. When you’re not sure what to do, when you’re feeling down, or when there may be other things affecting your life in ways that you’d prefer …

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Substance Use Services

In Alcohol Addiction Prevention, Counseling & Therapy, Drugs & Addiction, For Adults, For Families, For Seniors, For Teens, Substance Use Services, Treatment Services by pbhgadmin

Our Substance Use Services provide recommendations and referrals designed to help individuals and families make informed decisions about the next step. Substance Use Services are provided by licensed addiction counselors, licensed social workers, licensed family therapists, psychiatrists, nurse practitioners and nurses who collaborate and develop …

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Peer Leadership Training

In For Children, For Teens, Life Skills Training by pbhgadmin

Peer leadership training is about engaging and empowering participants to find, seek, and develop solutions to problems that they see in and among their social groups, including issues that they individually experience. Leadership, true leadership, comes in many forms, and allowing participants to understand and …