This campaign includes a toolkit for bars, restaurants and liquor stores to help them implement a 100% Proofing Policy. 100% Proofing refers to a policy where every customer who tries to buy alcohol will be asked for identification, no matter how old they look. The toolkit includes posters and table tents to inform visitors of the new policy and laminated posters to remind the employees why the 100% Proofing policy is a good idea. The toolkit also comes with a blacklight and an ID guide to assist employees with checking foreign IDs or out-of-state IDs. In addition to the toolkits, the Prevention Coalition of Monmouth County continues to promote the 100% Proofing Policy to the public, to help people understand the dangers of underage drinking and inform them of the policy itself. If you would like to bring the 100% Proofing Policy to your bar, restaurant or liquor establishment, contact us.

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