Contact for more information on Keys to Innervisions:  Kait McCarthy, Assistant Director. 732-663-1800×2670 or

Designed to address violence, substance abuse and antisocial behavior problems for referred students, grades 6 – 12. KIV is an educational curriculum about changing the beliefs and behaviors that lead to violence, drug abuse/dependency, criminal behavior and school and social failure. The interactive sessions provide opportunities to learn and practice skills and strategies directed at changing the behaviors, attitudes and personal beliefs that lead to and continue the cycle of failure.

Includes: Three two-hour interactive classroom/group sessions (up to 12 students), information packet, pre/posttest, evaluation summary, certificates of completion.

Learning objectives: Learn the power of thoughts and the mind; learn how to use self-talk; learn simple processes to solve everyday problems, enhance communication, safely handle emotions and improve decision-making skills; learn where to go for positive support.

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