Designed to address life skills development for children, grades 3 – 8. LST is the most extensively evaluated substance abuse prevention program available and is proven to reduce the use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs by youth. The program is a research-based curriculum developed by Dr. Gilbert Botvin, director of the Institute for Prevention Research and Cornell University Medical College. LST seeks to promote health and well-being among children through the delivery of general life skills, health skills and drug-resistance skills via interactive discussions, behavioral rehearsals and educational activities.

Includes: Eight one-hour interactive classroom/group lessons (up to 25 students), teacher consultation and evaluation, informational packet, student workbook, pre/post survey, evaluation summary, certificates of completion.

Learning objectives: Develop and increase social skills such as communication and assertiveness; develop and increase personal skills such as self-esteem and stress management; gain an increased awareness of alcohol, tobacco and other drug health risks; learn skills to help them make healthy decisions.

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