Focuses on healthy relationships and safe dating for students, grades 6 – 12. The Healthy Relationships/Safe Dates program is that educates teens as to what constitutes an abusive relationship, what dating abuse is. The curriculum provides them the skills and resources necessary to avoid being a victim or perpetrator of abuse and is research-based with proven, long-term results.

Includes: Nine interactive classroom/group sessions (up to 25 students), participatory activities and games, performing a Safe Dates play, creating posters themed, “Stop Dating Violence,” teacher consultation, program evaluation, informational packet, pre/posttest, evaluation summary, certificates of completion. (Materials not included are the Safe Dates curriculum for instructors, Safe Dates workbooks for students, prepared copies of the Safe Dates play, art/poster materials for creating the Stop Dating Violence posters and giveaways for games.)

Learning objectives: Develop a better understanding of what makes up a healthy relationship; identify what an abusive relationship is and how to avoid one; equip students to assist a friend in an abusive relationship; ability to identify resources available to help.

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