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Who We Are

Get To Know Preferred Behavioral Health Group

We are a nonprofit, community-based organization providing individualized services focused on mental health, addiction recovery, and overall wellness.


Our Mission is to change lives and save lives across the state of New Jersey.


Our Vision is to be the first choice for individuals, families, communities, and organizations in need of care.


Our Values are compassion, quality, and belonging through innovative, integrated care.


Our Promise is to remain rooted in our mission through a trauma-informed culture.

Our Reach and Impact

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About PBHG

Preferred Behavioral Health Group is the leading behavioral healthcare organization in central New Jersey. Since 1978, Preferred Behavioral Health Group has been dedicated to providing quality care to those in need of guidance, counseling, and assistance with difficult personal issues. 

Diversity and inclusion are integral parts of our culture. Our programs and services are available to all types of individuals, families, and communities. We are committed to providing our clients with the best care to address their specific challenges. Our goal is to build up individuals, communities, and families so they can live improved lives, embrace healthy lifestyles, and enjoy a higher quality of mental, psychological, and physical health.

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Why Us?

Transforming Healthcare Through Trauma-Informed Practices

At Preferred Behavioral Health Group, we understand that individuals and families are more than just their symptoms or their challenges. In addition to their dreams and goals, they have life experiences, not all of which may have been positive.

PBHG is committed to providing trauma-informed care in all of its programs and services. Trauma-informed care recognizes the prevalence of trauma and the impact it can have on an individual’s mental health and behavior. PBHG’s trauma-informed approach involves integrating knowledge about trauma into all aspects of service delivery, including assessment, treatment planning, and interventions. We understand the importance of building trust and collaborating with individuals and their families to create a safe and supportive environment to create a sense of empowerment and promote healing.

Our talented, educated, trained, and compassionate team includes Medical Doctors, Doctors of Psychiatry and Psychology, Nurse Practitioners, Certified Medical Assistants, Advanced Practice Nurses, Licensed Social Workers, Clinical Alcohol and Drug Counselors, Casemanagers, and Peer Recovery Specialists. Their diverse expertise allows us to provide comprehensive care, address mental health needs, offer specialized treatments, and support clients’ overall well-being. Together, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional healthcare services and fostering a nurturing environment for healing and recovery. 

Our commitment to transparency in all we do has earned us Candid’s Platinum Seal. 

Learning To Live Healthy

We believe that guidance and education are a very important part of healthcare. Our programs and services aim to teach, improve, enhance, and maintain mental health and healthy lifestyles for children, teens, adults, and seniors.

We believe that businesses also need the best in healthcare practices, improving employees’ lives and health. PBHG operates Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) to help businesses improve their employees’ lifestyles and their work-life relationships. These EAPs provide employees confidential and freely-accessible behavioral healthcare services, which help reduce stress, anxiety, and a wide range of other concerns for employees and staff.