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Adult Mental Health Services

Medication Evaluation and Management

Program Requires a Referral Through DCPP*

Program Director: Richard Miller LPC, ACS


For individuals seeking management of psychotropic medication, PBHG offers medication evaluation and monitoring for adults.  Whether you are engaged in outside therapy, have completed therapy services, or are not in therapy but would like to be evaluated for medication assistance, we are here to help support you.  

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What is a Medication Use Evaluation

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Empowering Your Recovery Journey

Medications can play a significant role in the treatment of mental health conditions. PBHG provides medication evaluation and monitoring services for adults seeking the management of psychotropic medication. Our experienced providers work closely with each individual to ensure safe and effective treatment, addressing any concerns or side effects that may arise.

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Call 732-367-4700 x7550 or email: pbhaccess@preferredbehavioral.org

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No referral is required. Our Access Coordinator will set up an intake appointment.

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At PBHG, we prioritize your comfort and safety, and our team is dedicated to providing a confidential space where you can openly discuss your mental health concerns. Our approach is grounded in trauma-informed care principles, which means we are committed to creating an environment promoting healing and recovery. If you’re seeking medication monitoring and management services for psychotropic medication, PBHG is here to help.

Medication Use Evaluation and management
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