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LEARN Supported Education

Program Requires a Referral

Program Requires a Referral Through ICMS hospital liaison

Program Director: Erika Metzner

732-367-5439 ext. 5210


LEARN is a supported education program that provides educational and support services to people with psychiatric disabilities in post-secondary settings. The program is design for Ocean, Monmouth and Atlantic County residents, 18 years or older, currently in treatment for their psychiatric illness.

Professional Psychiatric Services NJ
Professional Psychiatric Services

Promoting continuing Education

Guidance and Support for Your Educational Journey

Furthering your education beyond high school is an opportunity everyone should have. However, it presents additional challenges for individuals with psychiatric disabilities. The LEARN Supported Education program assists these individuals in overcoming any challenges they may face in continuing their education. The program’s services may include:

Get The Help You Need

Make The Call

Call 732-367-5439 x5210 or email emetzner@preferredbehavioral.org

Get a Referral

Self-referral or a referral from mental health providers, Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services, Office of Disabilities, self-help centers, and the community.

What Happens Next?

Individuals will be contacted for an intake meeting and then set up with a program plan.

LEARN Supported Education

Reaching New Heights

Too often, individuals dealing with psychiatric issues think that they have taken their education as far as they can. This is not necessarily true. The LEARN Supported Education program can be a stepping stone to take your education to the next level and increase your employment opportunities. To participate, individuals currently in treatment for psychiatric issues must:

Our goal is to provide you with the tools and support to make the dream of continuing your education a reality.

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Psychiatric Services Near Me

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