RE-SET, RE-ADJUST, RE-START, RE-FOCUS; as many times as you need to, just don’t quit. The SAIL Program is a welcoming, structured, creative and supportive program which offers an after school partial care program that helps adolescents reset their lives from past experiences and helps them to prepare for their future. Youth between the ages of 13 and 17 years old address their emotional and behavioral needs with education, counseling and support. This program creates a safe space for adolescents to come and become a newer, better version of themselves.

The youth within the SAIL program are actively involved in education and behavioral wellness support groups, individual and family counseling, and social and recreational activities. Each youth gains insight, renewed confidence and learn new wellness tools to assist them to achieve long lasting success.

As part of our skillful multidisciplinary team, our on-staff psychiatrist meets with the youth and families, performing evaluations, assessments and prescribing/adjusting medications, as needed. Within the SAIL program, we see youth succeed every day with improved moods and outlooks, as well as increased positive self-esteem and individual confidence. Results become evident through the youth’s participation and communication in program activities, community activities and home life. Most importantly, we see youth looking forward to a successful future, knowing they can set and reach goals, continue to grow and learn in positive ways, and move beyond perceived limitations.

The SAIL program and its philosophy would not be complete without the element of family involvement. Therefore, we encourage families to attend monthly parent support groups and family therapy sessions, as well as provide weekly updates to the program. Families learn effective communication tools and experience closer relationships as they implement them. For more information, call 732-367-1710.

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