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From Struggle to Success – Paula’s Journey

Paula of Brick learned she was pregnant again on the day of her daughter Sandra’s baby shower back in 2019.

Mother and daughter are now both recent graduates of PBHG’s Healthy Families program, a free and voluntary in-home visitation program in Ocean County designed to assist, support, and educate pregnant and newly parenting families.

Both babies were born right at the start of the pandemic in 2020. Those early months are difficult enough for new parents, but the stress and isolation from the pandemic magnified the difficulties. Plus, a financial burden hit when Paula lost her job at a local restaurant when it closed.

But Paula is a hard worker and a caring and conscientious Mom. With those qualities and the support provided by Healthy Families support worker Glory for 3 years, Paula and her family are now flourishing. 

“During the pandemic, Glory helped us through the whole process. She brought food, diapers, blankets – whatever we needed, and we needed a lot,” said Paula. “She connected us with healthcare services and community resources and made sure all of us were well. And she could always cheer me up. When my brother Jamiez died unexpectedly at age 41, she even sent flowers and a card.”


With her restaurant experience and confidence she gained from Glory and the Healthy Families program, in 2021, Paula opened her own small grocery store in Brick. Named “Jamiez Grocery” after her beloved brother, the store sells fresh fruits and vegetables, condiments, meat, dairy, and other products. It was hard work, but today the store is thriving, and Paula is well-known in her local community as a successful businesswoman and a loving Mom and Grandmother.

“I am so thankful for all of the help, and I will always be grateful.”

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